Welcome to the XXXVII edition of NTOS!

The XXXVII Edition of the New Trends in Organic Synthesis conference will be held Monday 27th November, 2023. This year this long-standing symposium will be held in Morandi Hall of FAST (Federazione delle Associazioni Scientifiche e Tecniche) conference center, in the beautiful historical quartier of Milan between Alessandro Manzoni street and Indro Montanelli Park near Porta Venezia.

In addition to Italian speakers, eminent international speakers are invited, with the aim of sharing their knowledge and their thoughts with the participants. The conference preserves the original inspiring principles and confirms its focus in the field of basic and applied organic synthesis. Pointing to gather the key players of Industry, University and CNR, the aims for attendees is to share, listen, compare and discuss relevant topics and advanced strategies where organic chemistry shows its societal benefits.

The importance of organic synthesis and its strong applications in today's life will be exhibited by the selection of interdisciplinary and cutting-edge topics brought by speakers, who hold a broad range of competencies from academic and industrial sectors.

This year the leading conference theme will be “Chirality”, in particular the important role that can have in fields such as novel chiral recognition sensors, advanced materials and devices where chirality is transduced in hi-tech lighting applications, biotransformation, biocatalysis and asymmetric chiral synthesis.

As usual, the Interdivisional Group of Catalysis (GIC) of the Italian Chemical Society will award two prizes to undergraduate students; the awardees will be invited to present the results achieved in their research.

PhDs and Post Docs students are kindly invited to submit a proposal for a poster session to be presented in a dedicated session.

The NTOS 2023 Programme is now online!